Horizons Global Consulting

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Who we are

Horizons Global Consulting is a professional consulting and advisory firm. We help clients with all aspects of privacy and security management, from technology to the boardroom .

What we do

Privacy Consulting

Horizons Global Consulting helps companies to build customer trust and loyalty by respecting their customers' privacy; to cut the costs of managing personal information; and to reduce risks of non-compliance with privacy legislation. We can help you to develop cost-effective information privacy policies, procedures, control systems and staff training programs.

Information Security Consulting

Horizons Global Consulting helps companies to secure valuable information assets. Effective security management is now a key success factor for organizations. Horizons Global Consulting can help you to assess risks, develop a cost-effective security strategy, evaluate security products and assist with implementation of a comprehensive security program, including security awareness training for managers and end users.

About Horizons Global Consulting

Our Expertise

We are experienced business and technology consultants. Each of us brings over 20 years of experience working in a variety of industries and roles. We are all accredited in information security and other disciplines such as accounting, information systems audit and business continuity planning.

We are knowledgeable and up-to-date on privacy and information security developments, actively participating in professional organizations focused in this field.

Our knowledge, experience, skill and industry contacts enable Horizons Global Consulting to quickly determine your needs and offer recommendations that address your situation.

Our Consulting Approach

Our breadth of experience enables us to take a holistic approach to information privacy and security, so we assess threats and controls related to people, business policies, processes and physical environment in addition to information technology.

Horizons Global Consulting's methods are based on international standards, and are customized for each client. We employ a phased approach to reduce risk, and frequent client interaction to ensure transfer of knowledge to our clients.

Business security decisions must be based on assessing risks, not security at any cost. Horizons Global Consulting will work with your key individuals to identify appropriate and cost-effective controls to safeguard critical assets and protect client privacy. We are independent of any vendors so we can provide objective advice on security and privacy products and services.

Depending on your needs and resource constraints, we can either assist in implementing recommended controls or train your staff so you can do it yourselves.

Since new threats do emerge and controls may be weakened by changes, we will be available to you on an ongoing basis as needed to ensure that recommended controls continue to be appropriate and cost-effective.

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